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What Does Your Name Mean

This Girl is on Fire

We recently commissioned an artist to create a piece of artwork from one of my favorite photos of Makenzie. This image was from a very small carnival we went to, while still living in Germany. She begged to go to the carnival and seemed excited to go in. Once we paid to get inside, the only thing she wanted to do was eat Ice cream and cotton candy. No rides. Just food.

After getting her ice cream, my husband caught this photo of her, and it has since been my fav. It shows so much of her personality. She has always had an awesome personality, but once she turned 2, it was a whole other level.

Makenzie is, without a doubt, my spirited kid. She has big emotions. She is full of energy. She has the wit of a 15-year-old. She never stops talking. She could play all day. I think you get the point. She is a handful, and often leaves me feeling spent.

This Girl is On Fire

Digital Art by @creative.therapy_

Once the artist was done with the artwork, she posted the pictures to Instagram and the caption read “Makenzie "child of the wise leader" and "born of fire." At first sight you can see this cutie is FULL of personality!”

I immediately took to Google to look up the meaning of Makenzie and saw it really does mean “Born of Fire”. I was immediately brought to tears.

Everything Came Full Circle

This may sound silly, but everything came full circle in that moment. It all made sense. It was like the moment God spoke to me and explained everything I had been trying to figure out. For 3 whole years I have been trying to make sense of Makenzie’s personality, because it is often “too much to handle”. We really struggle as parents with how to raise and nurture her, without stifling. That is a whole other blog post, though.

As a baby, Makenzie was so chill. Then she turned 2 and has been a ball of fire since then. I always say, you never forget Makenzie. Anyone who meets her typically has a memorable encounter with her, because that is just who she is.

She is like fire: unforgettable, always leaving behind a memory that she was there.

When Vic and I were deciding what to name Makenzie, I pretty much let Vic take the lead. I never really flipped through name books or scrolled the internet through baby name sites. Vic did that. Once we decided that Makenzie was making our “short list” I do recall looking up the meaning of her name, but I do not recall being moved by the definition I saw. The only thing I remember is that we liked the name, so we went with it.

Now, 5 whole years later, the definition resurfaces and has left me shook at how fitting her name is for her personality. She is forreal a girl on fire!

What’s in a Name

If you have never looked up the meaning of your name or the meaning of your childs’ name, I encourage you to do so. You might be surprised to discover how well you or your child has embodied said name. now, this may not be the case for every name, since some of you may have very creative names that one of your parents made up. It could also be that the meaning of the name won’t make sense until a bit later, like in the case of Makenzie. Either way, take a look and see what you discover.

If you are not yet a parent, definitely consider the meaning of what you want to name your child. You may be signing up for a challenge without realizing it haha.

If you are an adult and your name has an awesome meaning, do your best to live up to that name. There really is so much more to a name than just how it sounds.

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What Does Your Name mean

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