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The Best Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts They Will Really Use

The Best Self Care Gift

Buy BRYTN Smile. If you are like me, your smile really matters. With BRYTN you can get a professional whitening experience in the comfort of your own home. They offer a variety of whitening products that will help you and your loved ones achieve that Hollywood smile. Your friends will not be offended by this gift!


Use code STEPHANISHEPHERD44125 for 25% off.

The Best Gifts for the Whole Family

Choose from a wide range of tops to gift your loved ones and support a woman-owned, black-owned small business at the same time! The Fall line features sweatshirts and a long sleeved tee that they are sure to love! This shop has something for everyone in the family. To the shop:

The Best Customized Gifts

You can create a custom shirt, mug, journal and more for your friends this holiday season. Send a special message to let them know you care. You can provide your own design, photo, image, or get help creating the perfect design for your item(s) Create your custom gift:

The Best Gift for Health Fanatics

Protein is healthy for your diet. With Orgain protein you can be sure that you are putting clean nutrition in your body. Your health-conscious loved ones will appreciate this one. You can gift them a container of plant based protein powder, protein bars for the kids, a variety of drinks and more.

Use Code “GREATLIFE” FOR $30% Off your first order. SHOP NOW

The Best Gift for Fashionistas

There is always a good deal to be found at Shein. You can send your loved ones some cute tops, trendy bottoms, stylish dresses, or even a gift card. Use Code ”15SNOWMX” to get 15% off your order. Code expires 12/31/2020.


The Best Gift for a Clean Home

Buy Force of Nature. What if you had a cleaner & disinfectant as effective as bleach, but so gentle your kids could help you clean? Force of Nature has zero harmful chemicals, residues or fumes. YAAAAS. It can replace all your household cleaners. Giving this as a gift means you care about the wellbeing of your loved ones. They will thank you forever, especially because Force of Nature is so cost efficient!

Refer to the calendar below for coupon codes to use throughout the month of November. I will update the codes for December. SHOP NOW

The Best Subscription Services

The Best Gift For Women

Give the gift of smooth legs with Bille!

This subscription service ensures you always have a fresh razor at your fingertips. The best part of these razors is that they are budget friendly! Your loved ones will no longer need to waste money on cheap store razors. You can gift your friends with an ongoing subscription or commit to a certain number of months. You could also gift them with one of the bundles featuring products like shaving cream and body lotion. You can also join the Pink Tax Rebate program to save yourself some money!


The Best Gift for Creative People

Canva Pro Subscription.

If you have creative or professional friends I mean it when I say, they need Canva in their lives. “Canva is a graphic design platform, used to create social media graphics, presentations, posters, documents and other visual content. The app already includes templates for users to use.”

As a blogger and entrepreneur, I use Canva almost daily. It's the most useful program for creating. To purchase for your loved ones you will need their email address and contact information to get them started. You can treat them to a full year or you can commit to paying a certain number of months for them. Either way, your friends will be super grateful, trust me! SHOP NOW

The Best Gift for Online Shoppers

With this gift your loved ones will have access to getting millions of products to their doorstep in as little as 1 day.

The Best Gift for Expecting Moms

Yes, you can set up a baby registry for your loved one. They will appreciate the kind gesture. This is perfect for that friend who’s baby shower was canceled due to COVID. Show them you were thinking of them and buy the first gift off their registry then distribute it to other caring friends! Click the image to get started.

The Best Gift for Readers

With this gift your loved ones can have access to digital podcasts, best selling books, and more.

Click the image to get started.

Amazon Gift Links

The Best Gifts to Support Small Businesses:

This is a way to show love and feel good about it at the same time. Small business make the world go round and you can support them this Christmas season.


The Best Gifts to Make Kids Smile

We all know kids love toys. Shopping for them can sometimes be a pain. Thankfully Amazon makes it easy with the ability to sort by age and other categories. If you little buddy is in preschool and loves action figures, you can easily shop that section without ever leaving the comfort of your home. Plus, the shelves are always well stocked at Amazon.


The Best Gifts for a Smart Home

These are the gifts that will make life easier for your loved ones. Featuring items like Ring cameras, digital photo frames, smart thermostats, and Insta Pots, this list will leave your lived ones impressed.


The Best Gifts for Green Thumbs

Many people are currently looking for the best plants. It has become quite trendy to be a plant mom or plant dad. Gift your loved ones with something that will always make them think of you. This could also be a great excuse to stay in touch with your loved ones. A call to check on how them and their plant(s) are doing could completely brighten their day!


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