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30 Essential Spices For Your Cabinet

I know you have seen those cooking demos where the person sprinkles barely a dash of salt on a piece of meat or doesn’t even bother to season it at all. I have literally witnessed people spread pesto over the top of a chicken breast and pop it in the oven. This is pure blasphemy!

All food needs to be seasoned. Do not let anyone tell you, “the meat has its own flavor”. LIES! The steak needs, at minimum, salt and pepper to enhance whatever natural flavor it may have.

My husband and I are a notorious for having a ridiculous amount of seasonings in our cabinet. We even have some unique spices from different countries. I have never counted, but I am sure it is well over 70 spices. For those of you who have ever purchased a Family Meal Plan from Great Life is a Must, you know that it is rare I actually have to buy the spices listed in the grocery list. We keep a fully stocked seasonings cabinet in my house.

To keep our spice cabinets organized we use turntables and they are a dream. These make it so easy to find everything you need and keep the cabinet organized. Before buying a turntable, be sure to pay attention to the size to ensure it fits in your cabinet.

Today, I am sharing a list of the 30 seasonings every cook or aspiring cook, should have in their cabinet. There are so many great flavors in the world, there is no reason to limit your cabinet spices to just salt and pepper.

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Dried Herbs You Need In your Cabinet

1. Basil

2. Thyme

3. Rosemary

4. Parsley

5. Italian seasoning mix

6. Rubbed Sage

7. Oregano

Spices You Need in Your Cabinet

8. Paprika

9. Cumin

10. Chili powder

11. Garlic powder

12. Onion powder

13. Ground cinnamon

14. Nutmeg

15. Ground mustard

Types of Salt You Need in Your Cabinet

16. Table salt

17. Kosher Salt

18. Seasoning salt

19. Pink Himalayan salt grinder

Types of Pepper You Need in Your Cabinet

20. Crushed red pepper

21. Cayenne pepper

22. Black pepper

23. Peppercorn Grinder

Types of Combo Seasonings You Need in Your Cabinet

These are great for quickly seasoning with just one ingredient

24. Lemon pepper

25. Cajun or Creole Seasoning

26. Cuban Seasoning

27. Any Steak seasoning

28. Old Bay

29. Adobo all-purpose seasoning

30. Any chicken spice rub seasoning

If you have most of these seasonings in your cabinet, it is very likely that you will be able to cook from almost any recipe without having to first make a store run. It is fun to experiment with different flavor combinations and see how it tastes. Have fun with making you new well-seasoned creations!

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