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Rice Bowl Recipes To Make

Confession time:

I am addicted to bowls. There is noting better than a big ol’ bowl of flavorful meat and veggies, all married together in a bowl with a delicious sauce drizzled over it. There are poke Bowls, Buddah bowls, chicken bowls, rice bowls, pasta bowls, power bowls, and the list goes on. I love that you can customize a bowl meal to make it perfect for your own taste bids and it seems like there’s no ingredient that won’t work in a bowl.

You pick your grains, greens, protein, veggies, sometimes cheese, and top it with a nice sauce. Bowls are super simple to make and a great way to please picky eaters. Everyone can leave out or add in anything they want.

Mahana Fresh Cauliflower Rice Bowl

Mahana Fresh

On my recent visit to Mahana Fresh, I went down the line and could have literally added every item I saw to my bowl. I pretty much love all veggies, especially when they are well seasoned. This bowl pictured, definitely hit the mark of my high bowl expectations. I choose cauliflower rice and kale crunch salad as my base. Key West chicken and grilled steak were my proteins of choice. I also added roasted mushrooms and honey sriracha brussels sprouts. Then, I topped it with some Feta Cheese and a little cilantro vinaigrette.

My mouth watered just typing that. Whenever I leave a restaurant that serves fresh bowls, I always want to have it again the next day. This is why I keep a repertoire of bowl recipes on deck. I include a bowl on my weekly dinner menu and often eat them for lunch as well.

Rice Bowls and More

If you want some suggestions on bowl recipes that are actually worth trying, check out my Pinterest link below. It contains over 15 of my favorite bowl recipes. I have tried them all. Many of them are meals that can be made in 30 minutes or less. Some of them include roasted veggies and other include all fresh cut veggies. There are a mix of protein options and a mix flavor inspirations from Korean, to Mexican, to Hawaiian.

When a bowl recipe calls for rice, you can almost always us cauliflower rice or any other grain you prefer. I often like to use brown rice if I do not have cauliflower rice. The grain is never the highlight of the dish. It is all the other toppings that make a bowl what it is!

Check out the Pinterest Board, Follow the board and save the pins for when you are ready to cook them. Click the Image below.

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