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Loaded Buffalo Chicken Fries

Today, I am breaking all the rules of my workout plan. This is NOT the dish you will be taking to your “crunchy moms” party. It is National French Fry Day and I am choosing to celebrate by recreating a dish I recently had in Jacksonville, Florida. Thanks to COVID, I am sticking closer to home, here in Tampa, so I decided to bring this dish to my own kitchen.

If you know me, you know I love buffalo. When I recently discovered that Franks Red Hot Buffalo sauce has zero calories, I started using it on more things. I eat it on anything from carrots to cauliflower to French fries. For a week straight I ate a buffalo chicken salad for lunch. I never got sick of it, because I love buffalo that much.

Today, I am sharing a quick and easy recipe for Loaded Buffalo Chicken Fries. About a month ago, I visited Jacksonville, Florida for a mother-daughter trip (Click here to read why you need a trip like that). As I do before I visit any city, I look to Yelp and Instagram to discover all the good food in the area. I found San Marco Chz Fry Co, a food truck company. I saw they served loaded fries that made my mouth water.

So, I did what only a true foodie would do. I made this food truck my first stop, once I arrived in Jacksonville. Most people stop at the hotel first, then head back out to explore. Not me! I had to get my hands on these fries first! My priorities are very much in order.

I ordered “The Buffalo” which consists of fries, cheddar cheese, truck-made mac, fried chicken bites, buffalo and ranch sauce. Sounds amazing right? Well I recreated my own simple version of this dish and I am sharing it with you. The recipe is so easy you don’t need measurements.

This is a great recipe to add to your list of air fryer recipes, because the fries and the chicken cook so quickly in an air fryer. If you are in the market for an air fryer, this is the one we have: Link to air fryer. We love it because it is large and fits a whole chicken, easily.

How to Make Loaded Buffalo Chicken French Fries

Be sure to share this easy recipe with your friend who loves buffalo as much as you!

See the Original “The Buffalo” from San Marco Chz Fry Co.: Here

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