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7 Must Have Kitchen Tools and Gadgets

I believe in making practicality part of my everyday life. Not everything has to be difficult to make it great. In fact, I make it my goal to look for ways to make most things less difficult.

Today, I am sharing some of my favorite kitchen tools and gadgets. These help me make my way around the kitchen with ease. If you are the cook for your family, then you need all of these. If you are new to the kitchen and trying to outfit your kitchen with the perfect tools, then you also need all of these.

7 of the most useful Kitchen Gadgets.

1. Lazy Susan for spice storage.

This makes grabbing spices so much easier. You will never have to pull out multiple spices in order to reach one specific spice. Pay attention to the size of the lazy susan to make sure it will fit in your cabinet. I highly recommend the two-tiered ones if they fit.

2. Garlic Press

This is the best tool for “mincing” garlic. One of my least favorite things to do is mince garlic with a knife, because it always leaves my hands smelling like garlic for days to come. When I discovered the garlic press it changed my life! I always overdo it when the recipe calls for garlic and now I can overdo it with ease. The good news with this kitchen gadget is that even the cheap ones work just fine. To take your cooking with garlic to an even higher level, make sure to buy the bag of already peeled garlic bulbs!

3. A food scale

With a food scale you get perfect measurements every time, which is especially necessary when baking. This particular scale also gives you nutrition facts which is great if you count macros or follow a diet that requires you to weigh your food. I am notorious for over measuring pasta, so a scale helps me to avoid wasting all the pasta I used to waste. If you just want a basic scale, that is always an option and will still be perfect to get the job done.

4. Food Thermometer

If you have never owned a food thermometer, then you probably know the struggle of wondering when your meat is actually cooked. In case you didn’t know, every kind of meat has a suggested cooking temperature. Without a thermometer, you will almost always overcook or undercook your meat. I love the fact that I never have to guess again. If you cook multiple types of meat at a time, such as smoking several slabs of ribs, this 6-probe is perfect for that. It alerts you when the desired temp is reached. If you tend to cook just for yourself or the fam, then a standard 1-prob food thermometer will get the job done. There are also thermometers that work for meat, candy and other liquids.

5. Air Fryer

The air fryer is king! Every household should have an air fryer. You can cook almost anything in an air fryer with very little oil. It is great for cooking things like French fries or frozen fish sticks. You can also use it to reheat pizza, cook bratwursts or a whole chicken. Be sure to pay attention to the size you choose, because some are way to small to fit a whole chicken. We have this GoWise brand, but will eventually upgrade to something similar to this Vortex. I like the size and the shelves option. I do not recommend going smaller than 5 Qts.

6. Food Grade Gloves

People always ask me why I cook with gloves. It is honestly something I did once that eventually became a habit. I don’t prefer to handle raw meat with my bare hands, because I am an admitted germaphobe. The gloves solve that problem for me. I love using gloves to massage marinades and seasoning into my meat. I also use them to mix up coleslaw or other dishes that are easier to manipulate with your hands rather than a utensil. In my household, we think the black gloves just look more professional, so we prefer black gloves to the standard clear or white ones.

7. Food Vacuum Sealer

I recently shared a video of me using a vacuum sealer for an avocado and got many questions about it. People wanted to know if it was “worth it” to buy one. I confidently replied, “yes”. I use my sealer to break up large quantities of meat. When sealed, the food lasts longer in the freezer and doesn’t freeze burn. Vacuum sealing produce is also a great way to avoid waste. When you vacuum seal a cut avocado, it doesn’t brown and stays fresh. The same with peppers, onions, etc. We have had the same vacuum sealer for many years now. So, I am sure the newer ones are even better. We own an old Food Saver brand. You can check out the reviews for each product and decide which one works best for you.

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