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How To Start a Prayer Journal

No lie, I manifested my husband by way of a journal entry, over 8 years before we even began dating! Back then, it was called a diary, the less adult version of a journal, but it clearly had power! We have now been married almost 7 years. A couple years ago, I randomly found this diary entry and actually showed it to my husband. Needless to say, he was shocked! The words I had written actually came true. The rest of that story is for a whole other blog post, that will come, at a later time.

It is true that most adults who write their thoughts in a book, no longer call it a diary. We got all sophisticated and started calling it journal. Overtime, my journaling has evolved into more of a prayer journal with more of a spiritual focus.

Even if praying has never been your thing, I promise you a prayer journal will change your life! It is a little different than trying to find the right words to say aloud. Journaling, in general, is very therapeutic. For me, it has become a great way to decompress when I am stressed out or have thoughts on my mind that I have to release. It is so comforting to quiet myself and talk to God through my writing.

If you have no clue what a prayer journal is, It is simply a journal where you share your heart with God. For some people, any type of praying feels weird and you may not even know how to pray. Writing your prayers down is a very practical way to build up your spiritual relationship with God.

Prayer journaling is very intentional and a great way to spend time with God. You literally make the decision to go grab your journal, get a pen, and sit down somewhere that you can focus. It doesn’t get much more intentional than that.

What to Include in a Prayer Journal

So, what does a prayer journal actually entail? Here are the 3 components I suggest you include to start your own prayer journal:

1. Start with listing 3 things for which you are grateful. Starting with a “grateful list” puts you in a positive mindset, even when you are feeling overwhelmed and like you are at the end of your rope. Try to list things that are specific to the day, rather than always listing the same thing each time (i.e. thankful for life, being healthy, my family, etc). I have listed things like “I am grateful my kids took a nap today” or I am grateful I got a new blog subscriber”. Listing things that are specific to the day, force you to find something positive in your day, even in the midst of a bad day. I admit that some days I have a hard time listing anything, but I force myself to keep thinking until I find something.

2. Next, write out what you are praying for. This should be whatever is on your heart. There is no such thing as something you should not pray for. You might need prayers for strength, prayer for finding a deal on something you need to buy, or prayer for healing. No matter the topic, if you want/need God to help you with it, write it down!

3. Once you have written out your prayers, begin to just write. Write whatever comes to mind. It may be writing out how you feel about the things on your prayer list. It may be things you have dealt with during the day or your overall thoughts on something you’ve been going through. I have even read a scripture then wrote about my thoughts on how that scripture applies to me. Your entry might be short and sweet. It might be long and in-depth. Again, there are no rules, as this is your personal prayer journal.

For me, the best part is going back to look at my older entries and seeing how the prayers have been answered. Your first prayer journal entry may feel odd, but I promise the more you do it the more you will get comfortable and feel the benefits. It will be well worth it. Find yourself a cute little journal and get started today!

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