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How to mom and work from home successfully.

After fifty eleven weeks in quarantine, I finally gave in did it. I made us a daily schedule! If you know me, then you know that when my kids were young I lived by a schedule. It is the reason my kids have always slept all night. It also became the reason that I struggled with anxiety, because I became fixated with the schedule. So in attempt to have little more flexibility in our lives I gave up a rigid schedule for just living on the fly.

Insert quarantine and a new job. The whole game changed.

2 days ago I was absolutely spent. By the end of the day all I could do was call my mom and vent about the struggle of trying to work from home AND take care of these kids. That day I had gotten about 2 hours of work done, over the course of about 12 hours. The other 10 hours were spent trying to get away from my kids so I could work. Clearly, I wasn’t successful. The struggle of working from home has been stressing me out big time. Some time ago I realized being interrupted from a task is a major trigger of mine. Interrupt me and Eviline the Wicked Witch is released. Just being honest.

When you think about all the things that have to be accomplished in a day it really seems impossible. For me, I finally realized it was impossible without a schedule. So, I made one and I am super happy to report that our first day of using the daily schedule was a huge success! I was able to work about 5 hours, split into two chunks. I spent time with the kids. Folded and put laundry away. Everybody ate. Everybody survived. Makenzie is even really excited about the schedule because she always wants to know “what’s next”. She is now getting really good at telling time so she can know exactly when it is time for snack and TV!

If you are struggling to do the whole mom and work thing, I definitely recommend implementing a daily schedule! Below you can see a copy of mine. I created one for my own purposes and a kid-friendly one with easy words and images.

Click here to download a free copy of mine.

To order your own customized family schedule, click here. This is a great tool for families now homeschooling or doing virtual school.

Daily schedule- Adult version

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If you are judge-y (or crazy) and wondering why I would dare schedule TV time for my kids click here 😊

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