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Easy Parmesan Cheese Pasta with Chicken

If you need an easy dinner recipe, without compromising on the flavor and quality, this pasta recipe is for you! My family loves this dish and I love it even more because it is such a quick meal to whip up. This is certainly a meal that you can get to the table in 30 minutes or less.

Kitchen Hack

I wonder if I am the only person who hates making pasta, because of the boiling water ordeal. Thankfully, I came across a way to cook the pasta, without boiling the water first. This changed my life as the main cook for my family. Instead of wasting 10 minutes boiling water first, this method spends those 10 minutes actually cooking the pasta. That’s a win, right?

For this method you simply add the pasta and liquid (water or stock) to a skillet, let it boil, then turn down to low and cook for 10 mins (or until the pasta is done). If you just need plain pasta, you pour the excess liquid off. If you cook the pasta in chicken stock, like in this recipe, you can save the excess liquid to incorporate into the dish.

Healthy Pasta Dish

What I also like about this dish is it doesn’t require any heavy cream, milk or half-and-half. The “sauce” is made from the chicken broth and grated parmesan cheese. This makes it much healthier than a typical creamy pasta. With all the fresh ingredients, the flavor of this recipe is very light and fresh.

How to Customize Your Pasta Dish

I have probably made this dish 5 different ways, because it is so simple and perfect for customizing. Pictured, is the pasta with well-seasoned chicken and sundried tomatoes. You could also use bacon and spinach, or you could do mushrooms, onions, and chicken. Another good combination would be shrimp and spinach. You could literally add any ingredients that go well with the parmesan flavor.

If you want to add in spinach you would add in at step #8 under “For the pasta”, right before the parmesan cheese, and allow it to cook down before turning off the heat. If you want to add mushrooms or other veggies, you will cook it with step #2. To try the dish with different meat, always cook the meat first and add it in at step #7.

How to Make Parmesan Cheese Pasta

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