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The Best Way to Buy Christmas Gifts for Your Kids

Christmas Throwback

Don’t you just love this throwback of my older sister and I from Christmas when I (on the left) was about 5 years old?! It used to go down for Christmas when I was growing up! We had the best Christmas’s and I always remember getting what we wanted from our parents, friends and family. Those were surely days that will forever be ingrained in my memories.

This Christmas our daughter will turn two and a half. This will be the first Christmas that she will be very coherent and aware of what is going on Christmas day. I admit, though we have always put up a tree, we haven’t purchased “Christmas presents” for Makenzie. We knew she would have no clue what was going on, so we opted to not to do gifts.

Christmas with Toddlers

This year we really want to introduce Christmas to her, including the Christian association with Christmas and the idea of gift giving. Lately, I have been seeing people posting to social media to get opinions regarding what to buy spoiled kids and how to celebrate without going overboard. Being the realist that I am, I have always been of the mindset that I never wanted to do too much for birthdays and Christmas, as it relates to our kids, simply because it sets an expectation that I just might not keep up every year. I do not desire for our children to grow up expecting large productions for every birthday. I also do not want our children to get an unnecessary number of toys and other random gifts for Christmas.

The Best Gift Strategy for Families

After talking to my husband, we have decided to follow an increasingly popular gift strategy. This strategy involves getting each of your children 4 gifts. To some that may seem cheap, but trust me, this method of gift giving is not solely financially driven. Though you have the potential to save money with this strategy, there is more to it than meets the eye. The four gifts include: Something to wear, something to play with, something you need, and something you want.

Genius, right?! When you consider that most kids already have everything they need and plenty more of things to play with, this gift strategy is perfect. I believe this message will allow us to have a more low-key Christmas and not raise children that will expect to receive every toy on the shelf on Christmas day. Truth be told, I do not want to clean up all these toys and I have stubbed my big toe on enough of the toys already in our house.

Keeping Christ in Christmas

My main reason for adopting this method is so that our household can keep the focus on Christ and not on just getting all the toys you can get. I share this idea with you all so you can consider it for your household, if you are looking for a way to streamline your Christmas celebration. I must add, though I said this method is not fully driven by financial goals, the money-saving component does make it more attractive. After all, God didn’t bless us all year just to go broke at Christmas! Amen!

I really like the way The Bargain Babe explains this strategy of giving your kids 4 gits and why. You can check out her blog post here. She also has a link for printable gift tags to use on the 4 gifts.

Christmas Decorating Hack

I promised to share a Christmas decorating tip with you all.

In this pic of my current tree you see several wrapped gifts. Though we did decorate and put our tree up super early, I certainly have not done any Christmas shopping, just yet. While in Germany, we are living on base in a 3rd floor-stairwell apartment. Our storage unit is in the basement of the building. As a result, it is not necessarily easy to just grab Christmas decorations, unpack it all, then put all the boxes and storage containers back in storage. The 4 flights of stairs are not fun.

This year I decided to give my husband a break. I did this by wrapping the plastic storage container and the little boxes from the décor and placing them under the tree to appear as gifts. When it’s time to take down all the Christmas décor, I can literally just un-wrap the “gifts” and throw everything back into it’s respective box. My husband should appreciate the fact that he won’t have to make an extra visit to the storage unit!

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