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Buffalo Chicken Mac and Cheese

Happy National Mac and Cheese day!

Today I am combining two of my favorite things: Mac and Cheese and Buffalo Sauce. I could eat both every day!

When my husband and I first got married, I remember going out on a limb and trying an old recipe I had found for Buffalo Mac and Cheese. I love anything spicy, but my husband, not so much. I went for it anyway. He LOVED it.

I never made the dish again, but as I was scrolling my phone for pictures of Mac and cheese, to celebrate National Mac and Cheese Day, I came across a throwback photo of that dish. It was a no brainer, that I had share it with you all on this day.

A few years ago, I was introduced to Darius Cooks’ Mac and Cheese recipe and I am now a dedicated fan. A friend of mine, who also cooks, shared it on her Facebook page and I had to try it. I will never use another recipe.

He recommends that you use whatever cheese you have lying around, but I am very specific about which cheese I use. The secret is the Havarti cheese. This is a very mild cheese, but it gives the cheese sauce a very smooth texture. I also always include grated parmesan and white cheddar. The combination is epic!

Many cooks argue over the two different methods of making mac and cheese. Some make a roux (butter and flour mixture) then add all the other ingredients to make a cheese sauce. Others just pour all the un-melted ingredients over cooked noodles. I am team roux for life! I won’t knock the other method, but I refuse to do it that way.

I use a modified version of Darius Cooks’ macaroni and cheese recipe as the base for this dish then incorporate the buffalo chicken mixture. The buffalo chicken part of the recipe is literally layered between the mac and cheese and it creates the perfect combination of cheesy, salty, and spicy. Check out this video of how it is layered.

If you are concerned about the spice in the buffalo chicken mixture, you can control it by decreasing the amount of buffalo sauce you use. Or you can add more if you’re a true buffalo fan, like me. I certainly did a heavy pour. The buffalo chicken mixture also includes chopped onions and carrots. I Love this small electric chopper: Get it here. It is easy to clean and perfect for smalls jobs when you don’t want to pull out the big processor.

How to Make Buffalo Chicken Mac and Cheese

Buffalo Chicken Mac and Cheese Recipe

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