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How to Live Your Best Life Now!

With so much going on in the world right now, many of us are dealing with a new level of stress. It is so easy to start reminiscing on what things used to be like and how much fun we used to have. I am for sure guilty!

Even before COVID, I would think back to the carefree days of high school, or the fun and eventful days of undergrad, or our days before having kids. These were all great times and it is easy to let my mind wander to those euphoric moments of the past.

Does that mean things currently suck, no. It just means my brain works and I obviously enjoyed some past times. So, what is all this talk about “embracing where you are” and “enjoy the moment”?

The Good Old Days

Did you know that even Scripture talks about this? Ecclesiastes 7:10 (NIV) says “Do not say, ‘Why were the old days better than these?’, For it is not wise to ask such questions.” If you are like me, at first thought you don’t see how there could be any harm in simply reminiscing on days that you may have enjoyed?

The truth is, there is nothing wrong with reminiscing. The problem is that much of our reminiscing is triggered by unappreciation of our current situation. In the middle of our current struggles, it is so easy to wish we were back in the times we thought were better.

It is sometimes easy to forget that these past days were not without some struggles or issues as well. Yes, my times before kids, may have been great and maybe I had more freedom, but what about the struggles I had on the job? I am sure that even all the times you refer to as good, likely came with some struggles as well.

Why You Should Be Thankful Everyday

Know this, today is the best day! If you are alive and reading this, it means God still has YOU on His agenda. It means you still have purpose, despite the craziness that might be happening in your life. Yes, you may be stressed right now, but that doesn’t make the old days better than right now.

When we think of things in the categories of ‘worse’ and ‘better’, we always choose the better option. I mean who would choose the worse dress for their wedding or the worse food for their dinner party if they always had the option to choose something better?

So, if we opt to look at our life and consider that it was better some time ago, we are ultimately deeming now as worse. But Friend, that is not living your best life. We cannot go back to any of the times we reminisce about. Our best life is now, because it is the only life we have.

How to Be Thankful Everyday

1. Live in the moment. Make every effort to find joy in every day. You can check out THIS post on starting a prayer journal or a grateful journal, which is a great way to push yourself to be grateful every day.

2. Face your problems. Admit that you are struggling and find a healthy way to deal with the issues. If you simply ignore that you are struggling and put your focus on going back to the good old days, you are not solving any issues. Reality will still exist, and you will still be struggling once your mind returns to the present. So you have to handle whatever is currently going on. You can check out THIS post where I touch on normalizing struggles, since we all have them.

3. Don’t just reminisce on the good old days. Reminisce on how you overcame some of the struggles of those days as well. Afterall, that is how you got where you are today and the reminder of how you overcame just might give you the fuel you need to keep going right now!

4. Find something you can do now to lighten your mood. This is important so you don’t let the happenings of each day take you lower and lower. If your kids are getting on your nerves or you want to cuss out your boss, mentally remove yourself from that situation and do something positive that makes you feel better. Go take a quick walk, call your bestie, pray, eat some ice cream, go in your closet, and sit.

The Good News

Being happy is not something limited to just the good old days. You can have joy and happiness now, despite what you may be going through. You do not have to wish things were like they used to be. Just start with your mindset and take hold of all the good that is likely hiding behind your current struggles. Your best life didn't already happen, it is happening now.

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