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10 Things You Need From Amazon: Toddler Edition

This list is absolutey for parents of Toddlers. For reference, my kids are 3 and 5. These are literally some of my favorite items I have ever purchased for my kids. Get them in your life!

1. Travel potty. This thing is genius! If you have little kids who like to fight you on going to the bathroom before leaving the house, you need this! A travel potty is a must for any parent on the go. You can buy this one with disposal bags (or recycly your grocery store bags) and keep it in your trunk. It doesn’t take up much space at all and folds up pretty compact.

2. Magnetic play set. My kids LOVE their magnetic sets! They will play with these things for hours. It is good for imaginative play and fine motor skills. It is also good for building cognitive skills as they figure out how to put the magnets together to create something. Here are 3 different sets I recommend. We have one of each.

3. Cool rain boots. Are my kids the only ones that will wear rainboots everyday, anywhere? Makenzie tried to wear hers to the beach the other day. I shut it down, but I normally don’t. Rainboots are study and durable shoes that are virtually indestructible. I fond this brand which I love, because of the super cute designs for boys and girls. Each link has multiple styles to choose from and they are very affordable.

4. Shower bathing cap. If your kids scream bloody murder when you try to wash their hair in the tub, you need this! This magical cap keeps water and shampoo out of their face. They will also have fun watching the water flow off of the cap.

5. Good summer shoes! Just like the rainboots, these shoes are great for playing outside, except they are more appropriate for super hot days. They wipe clean, unlike fabric sneakers. The key part of these shoes is the velcroe strap. This is important for two reasons: 1. It allows your child to open the shoe and put it on him/herself (if they are at that age) and 2. It stops the shoe from ripping. I have purchased a pair that didn't have the strap and eventually it tore at the top from the daily struggle of getting it on my child’s foot. Sizes and colors are limited, but if you can find the ones for your kid, you have to buy these!

6. Pop-up Soccer goals. If your kid is still upset that their summer soccer program was canceled, because of COVID, you can become mom of the year by ordering these! I love that they fold up super compact and you can set them up anywhere. My daughter begs to leave the house almost daily. Sometimes we just drive to a random park, set up these goals and let the kids have a blast with their soccer balls.

7. Amazon Fire Kids Tablet. You should know I believe in structured screen time. If you didn't know that, check out this post on why you should let your kids watch TV HERE. This tablet is my absolute favorite, because it really is just for kids. Everything about it is geared towards kids. There is nothing adult about it and I love that. My daughter has an old Ipad of my husbands and we had to do too much to make it “kid appropriate” and limit the capabilities of the device for her safety. This tablet comes ready to use and is priced really well!

8. Activity Books. Makenzie received one of these for her birthday and I fell in love with it! It is literally one of the best interactive activity book I have seen. She already loves learning and activity books, but this one made her so happy. It includes sticker, math problems, tracing, puzzles, mazes, stories, etc. It is a great busy book.

9. Color Wonder books. If you are a parent, I hope you found out about these before your kid drew a masterpiece all over your couch. Yes, I am speaking from experience! These markers only work on the paper provided so there’s no risk.

10. Classic Guess Who game. This is such a fun game that even my 3 year old can play (with a little assistance). This is such a fun family game that teaches the kids many skills. It teaches them about characteristics, colors and simple reasoning by elimination.

I hope you discovered some items that can bring a little joy and peace to your household!

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