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The Stay-At-Home Mom resume

I’ve been working on my resume with plans to return to work soon. I can’t even lie, working on a resume is a job in and of itself. I have been out of the traditional workforce for almost 4 years now. I have previous experience in workforce development. So, I knew that during these 4 years I needed to keep learning, continue building skills, and gaining transferable experience to maintain a marketable status upon my reentry to the workforce. I managed to do all of that. However, the one thing I keep thinking about are my skills as a stay-at-home mom.

I once had a single & childless woman attempt to explain me how she chooses to work so hard (sometimes 50-60hrs) and does not have the “luxury” of staying home. Of course, I was taken aback, specifically by her condescending tone as if to cheapen the role of a stay-at-home mother (SAHM). It was clear that she had absolutely zero clue what being a SAHM entails. So, for those of you who might be like this woman, I thought I would fill you in on what a SAHM really does. Since I am in resume building mode, I figured I would present you with a SAHM resume. Check it out! (Tip: zoom in on your device)

What you don’t see on this resume is the “all other duties” section. These are all the crazy duties that you can’t plan for. You do not see the personal endeavors a mom might simultaneously be engaged in such as completing a master’s program, running a business, or maintaining a workout plan. All other duties also includes the emotional effects of being a SAHM. This part of the job cannot be ignored. It is honestly the hardest part of the job. Your kids essentially run your day. Even if you are a planner/scheduler like me, you still build your day around the kids. It’s the ultimate sacrifice. So, don’t let TV or your uninformed assumptions fool you. We are not all spending our days in the spa and at the malls living it up. While we do get to have some fun and be social from time to time that is not often. We are legitimately on the clock all day, working hard to keep whole humans alive. We have to be everything to our kids and our job description is never-ending. There’s nothing luxurious about that, but it’s a beautiful job that I am proud to have held for the past 3+ years.

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