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Breathe and Chill

I just want to get this out there. God, you don’t necessarily have to give me a real life, personal example for every blog post. Maybe I can just write from witnessing what others experience? No? ahh man!

For real though, I was literally just venting to my husband that I need to get a new blog post out, but I was struggling a bit with deciding on what to write about. Well of course, a new topic came right along with another experience.

Around 11am I got a call from Makenzie’s kindi (German daycare). I think every parent can attest to the anxiety that happens when you look down at your cell phone and see that is your kids’ school. They are never calling to just check in and see how your day is going. So of course, the teacher from her school immediately begins to tell me about Makenzie’s accident. She says, “There’s been a little bit of an accident. Makenzie says she got stung in the eye by a bee and her eye is big”. JESUS! – That is literally what my response was. All I really heard was “bee” and “eye”. I immediately hopped up, grabbed napping Brayden out of his bed and jumped in the car. Next, I called the clinic to let them know I would be coming in after picking up my daughter. Then, I called my husband to inform him. I was literally panicking on the inside. Can she still see? Is she crying hysterically? What is going on? I was expecting her to look like a toddler Hitch (Will Smith movie)!

As I got closer to the school, it hit me. I need to breathe and chill! I hadn’t seen her yet. I had no clue what was really going on. So, I decided to just pray and calm myself down. Then I realized I needed to be strong and not walk into Makenzie’s kindi like a mad woman. I knew that if I walked in there panicking that would only make things worse. In that moment I realized the importance of controlling my own emotions so that Makenzie wouldn’t freak out. So, I put on my game face and walked calmly into her school. She sees me. Comes running to me and breaks out in tears. I stayed calm and just tried to assess her eye a bit. Then I just comforted her and assured her it would be okay. She calmed down once she saw I wasn’t hysterical. She didn’t look like Hitch, thank God. It actually wasn’t bad at all. Her eye was swollen, but not swollen shut. Whew!

Of course, there was a lesson in all this for me, though I wish it was not at my daughters’ expense. I thought about all the times I didn’t breathe and chill, especially after Makenzie has done something wrong. I know I am guilty of the immediate blow up. It is not my natural reaction to just calm down, assess the situation then reassure Makenzie in some way. It is so tough to chill when your child has irritated you for the 57th time in just one day. However, I am learning that kids really do feed off our energy. If we go to 100 then they go to 100. If we remain calm they are more likely to calm down. Children are always watching us and life with kids is sometimes like directing a movie. They look to us for the cues on what to say or do next. So now, I am trying to figure out what type of director I am. Am I going to be the director who is always freaking out and blowing things out of proportion? I hope not. I really want to be the director that can calmly guide the cast (my kids) back to the focus, even when they get off script (acting a fool in some way). I know this is going to be another tough challenge for me, because I have to switch up another aspect of my parenting. With all the praying I do asking God to help my kids do better, I really think I need to switch up my prayer and focus on changing myself. James 1:19 instructs us to be swift to hear, slow to speak, and slow to wrath. Somewhere along the way I have gotten my swift and slow mixed up, but I’m just working to get back on track!

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