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Stay-At-Home Moms (SAHM) Don't Do Anything

Bandage my finger from cutting it on the washing machine loading clothes soaked in throw up...Check.

Inspect Brayden's poop and remain confused about what I just saw...Check.

Take all of the toys out of Brayden's and Makenzie's beds and put them back down for nap... Check.

Ice my lip that I burst trying to kiss Makenzie putting her back in bed...Check.

Now I can write this blog.

This is life.

Being a stay-at-home wife and mother is a constant juggle of responsibilities and schedules. When I finally get a moment of down time, typically during a nap, I have to make the hardest decision ever. Do work or watch Netflix and do nothing? The problem is, while the kids are up, it is virtually impossible to be productive. When I was studying for my Master's degree I can remember just giving up on doing work while Makenzie was up, because I got sick of typing 4 sentences then having to stop to tend to her, then typing 4 more sentences and having to stop again. I started working only during her naps or after she was sleep for the night.

It was rough.

Although I completed my Master's right before Brayden was born, I still struggle. Family/home responsibilities and personal goals do not stop. It is extremely challenging to do it all and take care of kids full time. I feel the need to say, this is not a complaining blog post. It is just me being real about my ongoing struggle.

I normally post a blog every week, on Monday, at 3 pm. However, I haven't done that in over two weeks because of my struggle. My alarm to post would go off and I'd just cancel it. Some days I am just too busy to write. Some days I am just too exhausted to do anything productive, other than make sure my kids stay alive for another day. Some days I do choose to do absolutely nothing during their naps. Some days I feel bad for doing that and other days I pat myself on the back for taking a much needed break and feeling no guilt.

So, while it is not true that SAHM don't do anything, I do hope that every SAHM can sometimes take a break from doing everything (as we typically do) and, for once, do nothing! There is no shame in doing nothing some days. Matter of fact I challenge every SAHM reading this to open their pretty little planner and schedule a day to do diddly squat (is that how you spell that? LOL). it! Make sure the necessary duties are done, such as feeding kids and changing diapers, but outside of nothing! You have to promise that you will also do it guilt-free. I know SAHM can get a bad rap, typically from those who have never experienced this type of work, but who cares! The only opinions that matter God's and whoever pays your bills... HaHa. So there you have it. Schedule your day to do nothing. You can even tag me in a post on your day with the hashtag #TODAYIDIDNOTHING


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