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Street Food...The Best Food!

For lunch, I decided to make a quick run to a local street food fest! It is a gorgeous sunny day out, and I knew I could not miss this. 

I loaded the kids up, even skipping their usual nap time, all for some street food. When you walk into a colosseum of food trucks, it's always so hard to decide what you will have. I didn't want to do too much damage today, as I am going to a party later tonight. So, I circled the trucks twice and decided on a loaded chicken street taco. This picture alone, sums up why I love street food! You get unique food that you wouldn't otherwise get to have. I wish I could tell you what all is on this taco, but honestly, when the cook started calling out ingredients, I eagerly replied, "Alles!", before she could even finish. Whatever was available, I wanted it all. Loaded! I remember tasting a delicious cole slaw, flavor-filled pulled chicken, nacho chips, jalapenos, bacon, cucumbers, and some sort of shredded cheese. I even think there was a special chili sauce! Just know, this thing was ON POINT!

My day was made, and so was Makenzie's as she jumped for joy (actually more like stood for joy haha) in the bounce house, then stuffed her face with a yummy cupcake😋

I can't wait to share more of my food truck and street food explorations with you. I'll be indulging as much as I can throughout this spring and summer! I literally search Facebook for food events and have my calendar full! My inner fat girl is sitting on ready 😂

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