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Give Your Kids Chocolate for Breakfast!

Yep, you read that right! Today Makenzie had her first Kinder Egg. It's an Italian chocolate, hollow, egg that comes with a little surprise toy inside. Makenzie was sooo happy to discover the surprise inside, especially since I hadn't told her to expect it. Her eyes literally lit up as she got to the toy!

It's so funny because Makenzie is always asking for treats, candy, and snacks, but I have to be honest and tell you that we often deny her requests. It's like she always wants candy at the wrong time; right before dinner, bed, or nap. There is currently a chocolate bunny in our glove compartment that we told Makenzie she could have "later". That was 2 days ago 😬. Seriously, it's still in the car.

Today, while in line at this cute little Italian market, Makenzie pointed to the Kinder eggs and asked for one. Like usual, I told her "not right now", knowing we would leave the store and she would likely forget all about it. Then I had a quick moment of clarity. It was just after 10 and I started running our schedule in my head. I suddenly realized that, lunch was over an hour away, with nap time even further away. It clicked! If I give her this chocolate now, she will have plenty of time to get a sugar rush and come down off being chocolate wasted.

I let her have it! She picked a Kinder egg from the shelf and handed it to the cashier. She was beyond happy and it made me happy to watch her in such chocolate bliss. From that moment on, I decided that I will stop making my child look forward to snacks, candy, and treats that never make their way back from hiding. I will allow her to enjoy great food and such, just like myself. Of course, I am not saying my child can now have chocolate everyday all day. I just think it's alright if I treat her more often than not. I can control her portion and frequency, but let her indulge sometimes! She's currently in her room knocked out as I type this. There was no harm done in her enjoying that chocolate. So, chocolate for breakfast it is! It's the perfect time for a treat. It's also a good way to start the day with a smile :)

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