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Belgium: Waffles, Frites, No Babies and More Waffles!

This past weekend I had the opportunity to take a break from Mommy and Wife duties and get away with a friend. I'll spare you the details of the back story, but we ended up in Brussels, after buying an €89 plane ticket through blind booking by Eurowings (Google that!). It was a much needed weekend of fun. We ate waffles and fries without sharing! We took the stairs without strollers. Most importantly, we woke up when we wanted and didn't change a single diaper!!

I'll go ahead and get this out the way: Yes, I missed my kids, but I had an amazing time playing the Mommy and Wife role from afar. It was like "working" remotely, haha. It was great just consulting my husband via Marco Polo (also Google that!) for updates on their day or to tell him how much Tylenol to give Brayden and which outfit not to put on Makenzie. So, now that I've answered the "...but didn't you miss your family" question, let me get to all the details of our wonderful time in Belgium.

It is important for you all to know that we literally booked this trip hours before catching the flight. We each had a combined total of about 3.5 hours of sleep, before having to be at the the airport. I had so little sleep that I booked an apartment for the wrong dates and had to quickly comb through slim pickings to find us a decent apartment for the weekend. Thankfully, God came through with the hookup! I booked the first apartment I saw which appeared to be near the Grand Place, the main market square in Brussels). The apartment literally had no reviews, but it looked super cute. When we arrived, we learned that it was a brand new apartment and we were the first guests to stay in the unit. Not only was it spotless, we could literally see Grand Place from the apartment window!!

With a great home-base on lock, we were now ready to explore Brussels kid free! We spent day 1 taking in the beauty and tastiness Brussels, a mostly French speaking city, is made of. After grabbing breakfast from a local cafe in the Galerie De La Reine, we checked out Grand Place and it's unique surrounding shops, grabbed lunch, then headed to a waffle making workshop! We learned how to make the famous Brussels waffle which is golden & crispy on the outside and soft inside. I was super happy to take home this recipe. After eating at a couple local restaurants, we quickly learned that the following items are likely to be on every menu: Waffles, Mussles, frites, chocolate, fried calamari, some sort of croquettes, and beer. This stuff was literally everywhere and I was not mad! By the end of day 1 it started snowing, which only added to the beauty that was already in existence!

For day 2, had an awesome breakfast at Peck 47. Then, we caught the train to the nearby Medieval and university town of Ghent. We enjoyed a quick day trio exploring the area. I quickly fell in love with this town and the castle, towers, cathedrals, pretty buildings, and fried food! It was such a unique town. The best part was having lunch and a glass of wine along the river on a cool brisk day, as the sun shined down on us. Once back in Brussels, we ended up having dinner at a really neat All-You-Can-Eat Asian restaurant, with rules about wasting food LOL.

Day 3, our last day, was spent back in Brussels where we had more waffles, visited the Atomium, and did a little shopping. This time I had the popular Liège Waffle, which is the more dense, sweeter, chewy waffle made with pearl sugar. This is my favorite of all time! I could have easily eaten this one every time I walked past a shop, but I had to contain myself, in order to still have a waistline when I left LOL.

The Atomium is an historic structure and symbol from the Brussels Wolrd Fair of 1958. Initially, it was meant to be temporary, but continued to grow in popularity and became a fixed structure, now visited by many tourists. We took the tour through the tubes and into the spheres where we learned about the building history and saw the temporary art exhibit featuring work from artist, René Magritte.

We wrapped up day 3 with a late lunch at a Greek restaurant near the apartment. After that, it was time to head back home. Of course, before we caught our flight, I had to have one last Liège waffle, thankfully there are several stands insde the train station!

Once back home, it was back to normal and I can tell you, there is no easing into Mommy mode. It was on an popping from the moment the kids woke up the next morning. This is evidence by my later than usual, blog post. I definitely missed the usual Monday time slot, but oh well! Better late than...

I hope you enjoyed a peek into our girls weekend in Belgium!

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