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I Went Native!

These days you can’t use anything, you can’t eat anything, and you can’t go anywhere, because there is a new report released daily about how everything is bad for you. I am not quick to jump on the bandwagon, but for the longest I have been hearing about the effects of aluminum-based deodorants. Many researchers link these products to increasing your risk for cancer or even Alzheimer’s disease. I can’t say that I have done extensive research to prove or disprove these claims, but I recently decided that I would try and go natural in the deodorant department. I mean what do you have to lose for going natural?

The problem is, since having children I seem to need extra strength deodorant. I am sure there are other moms that can relate to this. While here in Germany, I noticed the shelves are well stocked with aluminum-free deodorants. So, I decided to give one a try. Let’s just say those three days of using some random German brand were not my freshest of days. I then decided to switch to Toms of Maine Natural Deodorant, since it was a well-known brand. At this point I was starting to just give up and say give me all the aluminum! This natural stuff was doing absolutely nothing for these pits!

A couple weeks ago, I saw a friend post about trying Native deodorant and I decided to go out on a limb and give it a try. Last week I finally received mine. That same day, another friend messaged me about trying Native, because she recalled a Facebook post where I was venting about my experience with natural deodorants. I was very happy to report to her that I had just used Native for the first time that morning and so far, alles gut!

Now I am on day 4 and these pits are still going strong with no foul!

This stuff is great and the Coconut Vanilla scent is nice! I admit I was very nervous when I opened the packaged, because there was a warning to give the product at least 15 days to get the full effect. I knew that I did not have 15 days to give to smelling musty. I was so pleased that I did not have to wait 15 days! With Toms things went sour within the first hour. With Native I do not have that issue, even after having an active day.

I would highly recommend Native deodorant if you are looking to make the switch! After all, it is a super easy change to make, if you are trying to eliminate potentially toxic items from your life.

You can check it out here: Native Deodorant

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