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Trusting God When the System is Down

My military ID expired yesterday and each time I pulled into the entrance gate of a Military Base, here in Stuttgart, the security guards made sure to let me know that my ID would no longer work after yesterday. This morning I got the kids together to get an early start on the process of renewing my ID. I drove to the base where the ID office is located and visited the security booth to gain access with my now expired ID. It took a phone call and about 5 minutes for them to clear me to enter. After parking, I ran into a friend who ended up wishing me luck in getting my ID. I thanked her, but in my head, I was thinking, “I don’t need luck. I’m just getting a new ID”. Nevertheless, I continued to the ID office to find that they were no longer accepting walk-in appointments (though it was nowhere near the 11:30 am cutoff time) AND their computer system was down for the service I needed. The gentleman helping me mentioned that there was another ID office on another base where I also happened to live. He added that their system could also be down, but to give it a try. For a moment I feared that I might be stuck off base until my husband or someone else could sign me in. I had to decide between worrying or saying a prayer for God to work this out.

After a quick moment of angst, I said a quick and almost fleeting prayer and made my way back to the base where I live and where the other ID office is. Surprisingly, the security guards just showed me the map location of the ID office and waved me through the gate, after I explained my situation to them. Once I found the office, I was excited because it seemed less crowded than the other office. The wait ended up being much longer than expected, but thankfully God was already at work. After finishing all our books, Makenzie was getting restless and tired of not being able to run and roam around the hallway. Though she wasn’t making a scene, several female soldiers stopped to offer her different forms of entertainment. One offered up her stash of crayons and another allowed us to step into her office to see the fish tank and use a table to change Brayden. These kind gestures mean the world to parents! When it was finally my turn, the soldier working the desk asks, “So, you have the form signed by your sponsor?" At this point I almost freaked out immediately. I informed him that I knew nothing about a form and I just needed to renew my ID. He proceeds to tell me that my sponsor/husband must sign a form in front of them to essentially give me permission to renew my expired ID. Ummm, clearly we are still married so why would he not want to renew my ID? That was another inner thought, of course. Per usual, my husband was at work, but thankfully his Unit is on the same base as this ID office. You see; God was still working. Not only did my husband answer the phone, he was also able to head right over to the office and sign the paper! After about an hour of being in this office, I had a shiny new ID, with a picture that I no longer liked…haha. Yet and still, it all worked out and I was back in business.

After this was over, I messaged my husband to thank him for coming to sign the paper and told him that it was nothing by God that the computers were down at the other office. Had they been able to assist me, I would have waited there for nothing, because my husband would not have been able to get to that base in such a short notice. God knew this and from the moment my friend wished me “good luck” he began to orchestrate a testimony for me. God is paying attention and he is concerned about even the small details of our lives. Yes! God cared about me being able to get my ID so I could get on base. The two scriptures that kept crossing my mind are Romans 8:28 and Proverbs 16:9. God proved his word to be true as He worked this situation out for my good and reminded me that He is ordering my steps, even when I think I know where I am going! It is not easy to trust God in situations where you feel out of control, but time and time again He proves that we can trust him. I pray that you can see the testimony in your situation where the “system is down”.

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