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20 Fun, Outdoor Family Activities

If your family is like mine, COVID has caused you to miss being out and about freely, doing all the things. With social distancing guidelines in place, most people feel more comfortable doing things outdoors, than they do being inside around a large crowd of people. I compiled this list of 20 things to do with family to get out the house and have fun, despite COVID.

20 Fun, Outdoor Activities for Families with Kids

1. Have dinner in your car! One night we ordered take out and found an open parking lot, popped the Trunk on our SUV and we all ate dinner sitting in the trunk. The kids really enjoyed this because it was completely different than anything we had ever done. They love being up high in the truck, so that was also a plus. If you do not have a vehicle with space for you to sit in the back, you can do a traditional picnic with an outdoor blanket in the parking lot.

2. If your kids are good at handling social distancing, do #1, but invite another family to join you to eat in their own car as well. This wouldn’t work with my kids as they will want to be directly in the face of any other kids remotely within their line of sight.

3. Go for a hike along a nice trail. Make sure the kids wear their rain boots so they don’t go home with mud on their good shoes. Find a walking trail near you: HERE

4. Go roller skating. You can do this in the neighborhood or find a cool area in your city.

5. Set a goal to find restaurants with outdoor seating and go eat there! If your kids are a little rowdier, being outside at a restaurant is even more the way to go! They can be a little louder than what might be acceptable inside. Soon, I will be sharing a post to give you tools for eating out with littles. Make sure you hit the subscribe button at the very bottom of this page so you don’t miss that post!

6. Try a new sport. My kids recently watched some adults playing tennis and got excited about it. I will be buying these cheap rackets, from none other than Amazon. Even if no one in your family is good at the particular sport, it will still be a good, fun time.

7. Get some hula hoops and some cones or a set like this and set up a fun course in an open area. You can do ring toss, challenge each other to run in the shape of a certain letter, or other fun games.

8. Find an open field and just let the kids run around. Play old school games like red light, green light or traditional tag. We did this on a day Makenzie begged to leave the house. It was later in the evening, so we found a park about 5 minutes away. The park sits on a lake, so it was nice to see the view, watch some people fishing, and let the kids get some energy out. This was a good one to do before bed!

9. Pack up the kids bikes and go ride around in a big open parking lot. This would allow you to post up in a chair and relax or get work done, if needed. You could also set up to do your own workout while they ride around.

10. Go on a Scavenger hunt around your neighborhood. Get an easy scavenger hunt printable here.

11. Set up a water feature in your yard. You could use an actual water toy or an old school sprinkler mechanism. We recently let our kids run around in the yard while the in-ground sprinkler system was running. The highlight was letting them do it with their rainboots and street clothes on. They thought it was the best thing ever.

12. Find an outdoor attraction, like a botanical garden to explore. Many cities have some sort of public garden or similar. Find one and allow the kids to run around, identify colors, find unique plants, etc.

13. Go for a walk in a shopping area and window shop. Let the kids pretend to put things in their imaginary bag. As you stop at each interesting store front, ask them “what would you put in your bag?” If you have a clipboard you could even give them some paper to draw the items as they go. Maybe one day the kids can earn one of the items for good behavior.

14. Go fishing. Be sure to check licensing rules in your area, but in many cities, it should be no issue to take the kids fishing without a license. You don't even have to commit yo keeping the fish. You can toss the fish right back in.

15. Go for a traditional bike ride, but in an area you haven’t gone before. Play music on your phone to add a little flair to the ride.

16. Find an area in your Downton, like a river walk or somewhere with little or no car traffic, to let the kids ride bike or scooters. We recently went did this along the Tampa Riverwalk. We at lunch at a picnic table then I let them ride along the Riverwalk.

17. Go to a lesser crowded beach. We live in Florida, so we have access to many beaches. I pack lunch for everybody then go spend the day at a less popular beach. Many of the less popular beaches do not have showers or bathrooms. So be sure to take your travel potty and a gallon of water to rinse sand off before you get back in the car.

18. Grab your art supplies and take the kids somewhere picturesque to draw or paint pictures of the cool things they see. Hang the pictures on string and clothes clips. Rotate them out each time you do this activity.

19. Give your kids a camera and go take pictures somewhere. Print the good pictures and make a coffee table book or gallery wall.

20. Go paddling/kayaking/canoeing. This is a water sport that many families with kids don’t consider. I haven’t done this one with my family, yet, but I plan to take both kids and know everyone will love it.

All of these activities are great ideas to keep your family busy during the coronavirus pandemic. Most kids will be happy to do anything that is different than the norm. This is a great list for weekend ideas. You can pick something from this list of fun family games and/or activities to do each weekend. Have fun with it!

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