The Best At Home Date Night

Unfortunately, the hubs and I have not been on an actual date out in over 4 months. Yes, we are making plans to change that. This whole Coronavirus ordeal definitely put a damper on our usual monthly date night away from the kids.

I miss making monthly plans to go out and enjoy each other and boy do we need it. Date nights really keep the excitement going in a relationship and it is always great to have something to look forward to. I have seen many couples talking about ways they have had to be creative to make date nights happen during quarantine.

Date Nights At Home

Date nights in have become popular ad everyone has been trying to maintain a level of safety, during this time. Our kids go to bed pretty early, so we have always have our evenings to ourselves. I will be transparent and admit that we need to do a better job of making date night a priority, but I am happy that we have jumped on the date night in trend a few times. I have to share my favorite!

The Best Date Night In

One night I decided to throw us a 90’s party in the living room. We both love the music from that era- Jodeci, New Edition, Usher, Next, the list goes on. So, while Vic was in the shower, I got dressed like I was going out. I traded my standard gym clothes for a cute little dress I hadn’t worn in ages. Next, I poured us a couple of glasses of our favorite drinks. I then found a Party Light we randomly had and I popped it into the lamp to set the mood. Lastly, I turned on a 90’s music playlist on Youtube.

Once Vic came out the shower and saw what was going on, he went right back into the room and changed so he could match my vibe. He took it back with an old button-down shirt and a throwback fitted hat. I love that he played along and just went with it.

We literally kicked it until the wee hours of the morning, staying up way past our embarrassingly early bedtimes. We danced, sang, and reminisced as all the different videos came on. We sadly skipped past R. Kelly songs, for obvious reasons. We laughed super hard at all the old dances and felt accomplished as we realized how many lyrics we still remembered. It was really a fun and much needed night.

Plan Your Own Date Night Party At Home

I highly recommend you plan your own date night party. The only rule to this date night is to let your guard down and have fun. Pick a day this month to put the kids to bed and live it up – quarantine style. Turn on your favorite genre or decade of music, grab your light, libations, put on your party fits and kick it like you paid to get in!

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